Ampd Electronics is a specialist integrator of audio, vision, lighting and custom electronics. With a strong focus on industry knowledge, innovation and quality, Ampd takes pride in creating innovative solutions that deliver robust and reliable turnkey systems. Their commitment to quality has created lasting relationships with customers and partners throughout the industry.


Ampd first reached out to businessDEPOT Accounting to help them with their year-end compliance requirements and supporting where required on accounting software. As the business saw significant growth and was introduced to other divisions of businessDEPOT to work on various other areas, a need for more regular financial reporting was identified.  In working with the directors of Ampd a reporting process was identified – ensuring that this covered all the key indicators for the business’s success. 

It was also identified that the business had outgrown its structure from a taxation, asset protection and future plans perspective. The process was undertaken to ensure that this was completed in the most effective and timely manner to not impact operations.



businessDEPOT Accounting recognised a need while working on the numbers and seeing significant growth, that the Ampd team would benefit from an over-arching strategy.  The Ampd team participated in a half-day discovery session with one of our advisers and the accounting manager which identified, planning, people and marketing needs, all of which would help them with their growth plans.


Following on from this initial session, the advisory team in collaboration with the accounting team identified a need for Ampd to go through a planning exercise, to assist with their short and medium-term goals. Ampd took part in a two-part planning session where Advisory assisted the team to develop a one-page business plan.  The plan enabled the Ampd team to have further clarity on where they were headed and how they would get there. Introduction to a 90-day accountability process that the Ampd team could manage themselves wrapped up the planning exercise.


After talking with the team at Ampd about their growth plans, they identified the need for marketing support to enable the desired growth for the Ampd brand and so they were introduced to our marketing team. 


They engaged the team at businessDEPOT Marketing to develop a tailored marketing strategy. Following a half-day marketing strategy workshop with the Ampd team, the businessDEPOT Marketing team developed a one-page marketing plan to guide their on-going marketing efforts. This plan provided the Ampd team with specific actions and tactics to attract more leads, nurture those relationships and convert them into paying customers. 


During the marketing strategy session, we identified the need for more project case studies that would showcase the noteworthy projects completed by Ampd, and reinforce their reputation as the true specialists in their industry. The case studies were to be used across print and digital platforms. 

Ampd electronics case study


Following this, businessDEPOT Marketing was tasked with building Ampd’s new website. To amplify this brand online, they designed a website that showcased Ampd’s personality, services, and completed projects by drawing inspiration from the completed printed case study designs.

Ampd electronics case study

Ampd electronics case study



Our Legal team was engaged to assist Ampd with updating their client engagement terms and conditions and to create a service level agreement tailored to suit Ampd’s longer-term client engagements, such as preventative maintenance contracts. 


Legal also assisted Ampd with negotiating a lease for its new commercial premises, and [in conjunction with advisors from businessDEPOT Accounting] implementing a restructure to change Ampd’s business entity from a discretionary trust to a proprietary company.

people + culture


Ampd started talking to businessDEPOT People + Culture to ensure they were doing things right when it came to employing their people.  They were doing a great job of researching and implementing processes for their employees and just wanted to feel that they had a sounding board.  We provided guidance around policies, procedures and documentation to give Ampd peace of mind that they were and still are making the right decision when it comes to their people. Ampd still touches base with us as and when they need us, and we love that.


We worked with Ampd to help them map out roles and responsibilities, along with measures, to enable them to build position descriptions, that not only provided really clear expectations for each role but also help them measure and monitor performance.

convenience but not a necessity

It is important to note that although this client saw value in utilising more than one of our services, many clients work solely with one division. All introductions to other divisions have been at the request of the client for their convenience, not as a result of us pushing them in that direction.