For the past two years we have become accustomed to the ever-changing world of Covid. And as employers, it has been an ongoing minefield of obligations, rules and Government mandates and directives.

As we start to see the light at the end of the tunnel, one key area that we are trying to understand and keep up to date on is Covid-19 Vaccinations. We have found a lot of clients are confused as they try to make sense of all the policies and obligations they have as employers.

So in our last Calm Covid Convo, our Director of People and Culture consulting, Anna Chipperfield was joined by experts Justine Ansell from IR Legal Solutions and Jo Kitney from Kitney OHS to answer some of the questions we know you as a business owner and employer have been asking.

The Calm Covid Convo covered:

  • Can I direct my employees to be vaccinated?
  • What do various State Government mandates and directives mean if they apply to my workers and/or business?
  • Where do I stand if an employee is not vaccinated, or refuses to get vaccinated?
  • Do I need a policy on vaccinations for my business?
  • How do I manage a mixed workforce when I have WHS obligations to keep people safe?

And much more…

As promised in the video, we wanted to provide you with some sources of information we find to be really useful.

Safe Work Australia

Covid-19 information workplaces

  • risk assessment info by industry
  • vaccinations info by industry

Covid-19 risk register

  • here you will find an example and template of a risk assessment

Fair Work Australia

Covid-19 vaccinations workplace rights and obligations

  • Managing vaccinations in the workplace and a simple 4 tier approach to making decisions
  • Directing employees to be vaccinated
  • Employees who refuse to be vaccinated

Consultation and cooperation in the workplace

  • Best practice guide for consultation and cooperation in the workplace

Workplace privacy

  • All you need to know about workplace privacy

Office of the Australian information commissioner

Covid-19 advice and guidance

  • Read about your privacy obligations as an employer

Other useful sites

Take a look at the stats and research around vaccinations over at Our World in Data

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Originally authored by Anna Chipperfield.