We are excited to congratulate Rebecca Mihalic, Director of businessDEPOT Sydney and head of Tech Advisory Services for us nationally, on her appointment as ‘Head of Accounting (APAC)’ for Practice Ignition. This is a new part-time role that Rebecca will undertake at the same time as managing and growing our Sydney offering.

As part of the role, Rebecca will share her tips and hands-on experiences from running a modern accounting business and embracing the technology available to the industry.

“With Practice Ignition I will not only be sharing my story and knowledge but also meeting with and learning from other accountants across the APAC region and I’m looking forward to bringing new skills and ideas back into the businessDEPOT group,” says Rebecca.

The investment into technology for the industry is huge and this is an amazing opportunity to be at the forefront of change. Rebecca shares, “Technology and the efficiency it can drive has always been a passion of mine. I am very excited to have the chance to share with my peers, how we have implemented tech, automated tasks and streamlined services.”

Having converted Aptus Accounting & Advisory (the firm Rebecca co-founded) to businessDEPOT’s Sydney business services team in August, this is not something Rebecca saw coming but an opportunity too good to miss out on. “If I had not become businessDEPOT I would not have been able to say yes to this appointment – their support and encouragement means I am able to do what I am best at and not get stuck in the operational stuff.”

We wish Rebecca all the best in this role and cannot wait to see the opportunities it presents for all of us.