It’s March 2022 and I’m not sure about you but I feel like the first couple of months were a blip in the calendar and disappeared right before my eyes.

For many business owners, wearing multiple hats, and particularly those industries affected by our consistent friend, Covid, I don’t doubt you are still warming up to 2022.

Depending on your start to the year, you could be simply getting on with the day-to-day or perhaps you have a number of people-related actions or tasks added to your list? Usually, these things tend to be reactive such as; resignations, performance issues, requests for flexible working, pay rises or changes to work conditions. All instigated by the employee.

How good would it be, for you to be able to be more proactive at the start of the calendar year? Wouldn’t it be great if you were able to instigate a few things that give you some structure, re-engages your team and helps you feel like you are on the front foot?

Even though we are already at the beginning of March, it’s not too late to do a couple of simple things when it comes to your people.


check in with your team

Firstly, there is no time like the present to check in with the team.

At businessDEPOT we do quarterly check in’s.  At these meetings we ask a few really simple questions;

  • How are you? A genuine question about their wellness, motivations, happiness, has Covid affected them recently.
  • What went well in the last few months and the lead up to this discussion in your role and at work? Were there tasks and projects you really enjoyed and/or performed really well at?
  • What didn’t go so well in your role and at work? This may be task-related, performance-related, or there may be interactions with other team members that need to be discussed.
  • Is there any training or support you need to keep on track towards your annual goals?
  • Was there anything outside of your control that has held you back?
  • What do you need to achieve in the next few months to stay on track to meet or exceed your KPIs/goals?

When you get into a regular check-in rhythm with team members, it gives you the opportunity to provide regular feedback and to ensure that they have every opportunity to improve, share thoughts and be given some undivided attention – so make sure you are mentally present at this meeting. We list out the questions above as prompts for the conversation and of course the idea is for you as the leader to provide feedback to many of these questions.

Depending on the team member, their role, their autonomy, performance and their tenure, some may need monthly check-ins, particularly if someone is struggling or they are new to the role.



Another really important action that will help to re-engage the team is to update everyone on the business goals, or the ‘why we are in business’, perhaps this will include sharing the values and the vision again.

I heard someone mention in a podcast recently ‘many employers do a great job of onboarding their new employees with inductions and info sessions’ however they often forget to re-engage, re-induct, re-onboard their existing team and remind them why they work for you.

We recently had our businessDEPOT ‘Muster’. Muster is the word we give to our all-team meeting, some call it a town hall, there are plenty of names for it. Anyway, at least 3-4 times a year, we bring the entire team together and we share information. This includes an update on divisional plans, news around the place, new projects or initiatives, team member promotions or changes, and often there’s an activity to get people interacting with each other.

These ‘all in’ activities are great for engagement and connection, and along with regular check-ins, are two very important factors that contribute to a healthy workplace.


we’re here to help

If you would like any help with a process around quarterly check-ins or goal-setting, you can give the People + Culture team a buzz on 1300BDEPOT or get in touch at


Originally authored by Anna Chipperfield.