transcript from John’s market update

So I thought it’d be a good time to give everyone a bit of an update about some of those discussions we’re having out there at the moment, to give you a feel of what’s going on in the small to medium business world.

We’re obviously flying through 2022 at the moment, having already dealt with a few obstacles along the way, floods, Covid surges, now wars overseas, are having an impact on the broader economy. The underlying optimism though of business owners appears to be remaining high, with the exception of those specifically impacted by the floods, and some of those connected to the construction industry.


We still have many clients ready to invest, ready to invest in their people, ready to invest in their brand, or generally ready to invest in the next horizon of growth in their business. Our lawyers, accountants, brokers, and advisors in the mergers and acquisition space are still flat out, keeping up with the number of transactions going on.

We also have those clients that have already cashed out of their business or recently retired, looking for investment opportunities, or looking to get their house in order. Maybe they’re finally putting together their estate plans or maybe they’re finally putting together their financial planning goals for the future.


The biggest unknown at the moment I would suggest is inflation. Cost pressures are real across the board, and most clients are considering the impact of these cost pressures on their prices. This can only result in inflation across the board which obviously will have a bigger impact on the overall economy.

I am somewhat concerned by some of the pressures in the construction industry at the moment, which could hurt mum and dad businesses connected to the industry. The real estate sector though, seems to remain strong despite floods impacting their properties under management or properties that they wanna get ready for sale.

An election around the corner is of course just another layer of uncertainty, but again the core underlying economy for small to medium businesses feel strong.

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