When working in the real estate industry, it’s important to remember that we are regularly dealing with real people, real humans, during one of the most stressful and hugely pivotal moments in their lives.

Today I bring another episode from my ongoing ‘raw and real’ series over on my LinkedIn [where I keep my followers up to date on all the latest news + strategies that the best agents are using].

I recently caught up with Mike Green, Managing Director at Harcourts International who reminds us just how impactful real estate agents are on people’s lives. Real estate is one of the biggest investments someone will make and buying or selling is an incredibly stressful process.

When we go in and provide an awesome, specialised service, guiding them through the process, it makes all the difference… check out his full thoughts below:

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transcript from dean and mike’s conversation


Hi, everyone, it’s Dean. Got Mike with me. Now, he says we change lives. I agree.


Yeah, I think as an industry, Dean, we often get maligned, and you often hear about the small percentage of times where things go wrong, but we forget that we deal with people often at their most stressful time, a hugely pivotal moment in their lives.

Maybe it’s divorce, maybe it’s death, maybe it’s first child, you know, buying up, first investment. They’re really pivotal moments.

And we go in and provide an awesome service, a specialised service, we care passionately about them. You know, we do the right thing, we give them all the information, and then we guide them through the process.

We change people’s lives, like we literally do.

And I think sometimes we forget just how impactful we are and can be and should be. And sometimes I think the public, you know, just see the guy running away from a current affair.


Yeah. He’s exactly right, we do change lives. Cheers!