I introduced you to the concept of Brand Archetypes, and encouraged you to do the free online Brand Archetype Indicator to learn what yours may be. There’s still time to catch up!

I promised that this tool would be practical, and so in this week’s follow-up episode, I’m talking about how you can leverage your Brand Archetype knowledge in a number of ways across your business to increase sales and profitability.

This is a strategic project my clients and I have a lot of fun with especially when that fun turns into focus and results. We find it so valuable, that we even asked Brandonian to come into businessDEPOT last month to take us through phase two of the Brand Archetype process – expect to see the results of that soon, and as always let me know if this is something my team or my collective network may be able to help your business conquer.


Originally authored by Jacob Aldridge.