Ah, Human Resources. Are there any business functions murkier and more feared than time spent with your HR officer?

Well, misunderstand no more! In this week’s Blackboard Fridays episode, allow me to walk you through the 3 levels of great HR:

  1. The operational essentials, which most businesses do although often not well;
  2. The strategic layer where great HR staff and providers will deliver you the most value; and
  3. The value-adds, optiona
  4. l parts of your business that mediocre teams don’t even know to exist.

Much like accounting and marketing, you can choose to treat HR as “Compliance” – a necessary evil in your business, and part of the Red administrative burden you must endure.

OR you can embrace the Green growth potential of HR, People and Culture. This is where your best HR resources will want to play, and it’s the only solution good HR consultancies (we know a few, if you need an introduction) will suggest.

Struggle with HR? Watch this week’s episode here and discover the other layers you need, to shift from fear to embrace.


Originally authored by Jacob Aldridge.