To Australians of a certain generation, and I count myself amongst them, the classic question from The Angels involuntarily provokes a response … shall we say, in the negative?

(Not ringing a bell? Try searching for “am I ever gonna see your face again no way”)

And admit it – sometimes you’re tempted to use that line when a team member or a client asks you for just one more favour?!

Saying ‘No’ can be the hardest thing, especially if you’ve built your reputation on saying ‘Yes’. But you know that saying ‘Yes’ to too many unimportant things … means you’re actually saying ‘No’ to the important tasks and opportunities you want to prioritise.

So How do you Say No in business? In this week’s episode, let me give you multiple options, allowing you to say ‘No’ in a way that achieves all of your outcomes.

No way…!


Originally authored by Jacob Aldridge.