Committing to a company Retreat – for your whole business or even just your leadership team – is a significant investment of time and money. Most business owners are too scared to make that investment – and if you’re not sure what you can do to ensure a return on that investment then you’re right to be worried.

Most companies that try an offsite, multi-day Retreat … find themselves returning year after year. They’ve realised the enormous potential value in taking the team away from the office (and the phones, and some of the emails) to focus on Strategy and Growth rather than another day working ‘in’ the business.

So what do they know that you’re not sure about? To answer that question, about how to make your Retreat both memorable and valuable, I have created a short video below. As MD, I am responsible for our Annual Retreats, which this year for our Brisbane team involved our senior team members across all of our divisions.

How do you bring those minds together? What are the exercises you can run to get the most value? And is this something that any business – even yours – could implement? Learn more below!

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