In an earlier blog we discussed the introduction of the director identification number [director ID], what it is, who actually needs one, when applications need to be submitted by and briefly touched on how to apply for a director ID. Since then, there have been significant updates we’re going over the most current steps here.

How do you apply for a director ID?  

To apply for a director ID, the easiest method is to apply online via and follow the steps detailed on the website [You can also apply via phone or a paper form, but you will need to provide certified copies of documentation to pass proof of identity requirements]

The first step to applying online is to verify your identity via setting up your myGov ID app [not to be confused with your myGov account]. To set up your myGov ID app, you will need to have your ID documents handy such as:

  • Drivers Licence
  • Medicare Card
  • Passport
  • Birth Certificate

The second step is to apply for your director ID by clicking on the ‘apply now with myGov ID’. During this process you will be asked for information to further verify your details with the ATO.  If you do have a ‘myGov account’ linked to ATO online services, we would suggest getting this information up on the screen. The director ID online application process directly speaks to the ATO and the details entered during the director ID application process MUST match current ATO details. If you do not have a ‘myGov account’ with access to ATO online services, you can call us to confirm your current ATO details [we can access this only if we are your tax agent].

Once your identity has been verified, your unique director ID will be provided to you. Once you have your director ID, PLEASE PROVIDE IT TO US so we can update our system to ensure that when director identification numbers go live, your director ID will be linked to your respective company.

reminders for businessDEPOT clients and takeaway factors 

If you are a businessDEPOT Legal or Accounting client and we are the registered ASIC agent for your company, we are always here to help! But we cannot apply for your director ID for you.

Where you are a Director of a Company that we are the registered ASIC Agent for, PLEASE SEND US YOUR DIRECTOR ID! We will need this to link you to the company/ies you are a Director of.

It is important you are aware of your requirements in relation to applying for a director ID as civil and criminal penalties will apply if individuals fail to apply within the prescribed timeframes, intentionally apply for more than one director ID or provide a false director ID.

Failing to apply for a director ID when required imposes substantial penalties [up to $13,200 criminal and $1.1m civil] which is a very expensive mistake you want to avoid!

Whether you’re a client of businessDEPOT or not, if you would like further information or help with obtaining your director ID, please reach out to;

In addition to these important changes with the director ID, it is also important you stay up to date with the ATO changes to communication which you can read more about here.


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