And… as if we as business owners have not dealt with enough, we get hit with crazy weather meaning our teams are unable to reach the workplace.

I am hearing from clients with the following questions:

  • Can I stand down my employees?
  • Am I obligated to pay my employees in a stand down situation?
  • Can employees access leave entitlements?
  • Can I adjust their days/hours of working?

Unfortunately, each situation is different and it will depend on the circumstances, your employment agreement and any modern award involved.

If you have people who have not been able to work from home or get to the workplace, you may be able to utilise the stand down provisions or other types of provisions.

Here are two links to information on the fair work website, that will help you understand your options:

Please seek advice if you are unsure. Standing down an employee is not that straightforward and would be a last resort in most cases. Look at other alternatives first.

If you would like to talk through your specific situation, please give me a ring on 1300 BDEPOT.

We’ve also prepared a blog detailing all the latest support options available to businesses and residents impacted by the floods which you can view here.


Originally authored by Anna Chipperfield.