Having completed its review of JobKeeper, the government has started making announcements of what support will look like going forward and we are beginning to get a taste of what the next 12 months may look like.

The government has already indicated it will try to ease the economy out of its dependence on the JobKeeper package as opposed to cutting it off completely at the end of September.

In this ‘Calm COVID Convo’ we dissect the announcements and discuss what it may mean for you and your business. Of course, we are unlikely to have final legislation in place by then but we will nevertheless discuss the announcements made, what we do know and what it will mean for you and your business.  We will also revisit other support and stimulus measures available such as Cash Boost Payments/Credits and state stimulus.

This will be an important discussion to help you understand what support is going to be available after 30 September so you can prepare for what lies ahead.


WEBINAR: Calm COVID Convos with Margie Ireland

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