By far the biggest takeaway across all sessions at rebound was the importance of, and the need to focus on, the humans. 

  • Change: the importance of trust and transparency to be change-ready and to empower your team for the next normal [whatever that looks like]
  • Brand and Marketing: the authenticity and ‘less polished’ live marketing success stories as well as the need for more personalised and targeted marketing going forward
  • Tech: amazing progress in recent times so to keep it going leaders need to watch for team ‘app fatigue’ but still involve them in how to identify targeted additional improvements [they will identify the biggest opportunities]  
  • Money: knowing your numbers still essential but relationships are key to making sure you have the room to protect and strengthen your financial position 
  • How we work: trust that your team will do the right thing and give them the permission to find what works for them [workspaces will change to suit] 
  • Implementation: no chance of a successful implementation if you don’t take the team on the journey with you but it is important to break down into smaller chunks so they are focused and have clear priorities 

You can replay our discussion summarising the key takeaways from all of the sessions below or at


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