I run business coaching sessions for new state directors at one of my international clients – and we focus on lead generation, sales, and team building conversations that apply to any new team leader in business. A unique challenge some of them have, however, is building up a region where they don’t have existing relationships.

Maybe you’ve experienced this too? It’s not just that you may have moved to a new area geographically. Often a promotion to a leadership or sales role, or even just the act of starting your own business, moves your skill set into a new area of capability. You want to hit the ground running, but you’re hamstrung by a lack of specific relationships to go and meet with.

You know the incredible value of building strategic referral channels [see Episode 48 here for more], but where to begin?

In this week’s #BlackboardFridays episode, I will walk you through a simple and targeted conversation that you can have – even with a cold prospect – to instantly give you a list of new referral channels for you to explore. It’s that easy – watch this.