You know, I don’t only film myself in front a Blackboard every Friday because I’m gorgeous.

I actually do this because I want YOU to take away something specific, every week, and APPLY that into your business. So when I ask “Are you Applying the Business Lifecycle for Fun and Profit?” I don’t mean “Do you understand this framework intellectually?” Because I know you do, you’re smart. What I want to know is “Are you using this specific framework to help you make better decisions every day?”

Not sure how it can help you in practice? Then you’re going to love this week’s episode.

Knowing where you are on your journey, a journey defined by your feelings in relationship with your business, can help you apply:

  1. Your investment of time across all Roles and Responsibilities
  2. Your focus in implementing a Formula for Better Revenue
  3. Which of your Thinking, Feeling, or Knowing you need to be listening to right now
  4. Whether your Commercial, Cultural, or Personal Vision is paramount, and
  5. Maybe even whether right now you need to Be Better or Be Bigger