This is perhaps the most controversial episode we’ve done: Worldwide, companies lose so many talented team members and I see entrepreneurial spirits fail because they’re attempting to run business solely through the masculine lens. Worse still, most business advisors and consultants will tell you that this masculine approach is best practice – that you need to “do it more” and “do it better”, not stop and look for a different (more feminine) way of doing business.

Crucial to understanding, when we talk about Masculine Energy and Feminine Energy, we’re not talking about Men versus Women. There’s definitely an overlap, yet we are all a combination of both it’s just most people tend to favour one energetic approach over the other. There is no one-size-fits-all.

A quick history of business shows that since the Industrial Revolution it has increasingly been a Masculine field, and indeed so much of what we consider ‘best practice’ (mission statements, organisation charts, hierarchical decision-making) stems from the Military (especially post World War One). For people whose energy is predominately Feminine, this approach jars on a fundamental level.

If that’s you, you probably feel like you don’t belong. Like this business, this industry isn’t your calling. Perhaps you even feel that business ownership isn’t for you. You’re just caught up in an old way of doing business, one that excludes half our population! And there is an alternative.

I get so passionate about this topic. In this week’s episode, learn:

  1. What defines the Masculine, Linear energy
  2. What defines the Feminine, Nurturing energy
  3. How to embrace both to build a more robust organisation

whether you are predominately masculine, or feminine, or a closer blend, this topic is critical. watch this week’s episode here.