As an international business coach of some acclaim, I do enjoy the opportunity to share some coaching skills through #BlackboardFridays. After all, we’re constantly told that “Coaching” is a necessary skill for the modern business leader

But it’s not the *only* skill that you need to manage your team. And sometimes, like a spoon in a swordfight, it’s the wrong instrument to bring.

As a leader, you are also likely a Mentor to your team – someone who has walked the path before and can provide specific guidance as a result. (Remember from Episode 16, that the pure coach asks questions and knows nothing.)

Perhaps most importantly, you are also a Manager to your team. Sometimes they absolutely need coaching and personal development … sometimes they need a swift kick in the backside.

So what’s the difference between Coaching, Mentoring, and Managing your Team? And how do you know which approach is required?