Like any business, the 3-year mark is a good opportunity to sit back, reflect and think about what you could do better. At businessDEPOT, we’ve done exactly that!

We know that there is more we can do to empower the bright ideas of businesses [and the people behind them]. To truly be the DEPOT for business we need the ability to build even deeper relationships with you as your trusted advisor and offer even more services to make your ideas happen.

To help, we are excited to announce the launch of businessDEPOT Legal!

businessDEPOT Legal will be led by Cameron Hancock – someone we know, like and trust to deliver commercial legal services in accordance with the ‘businessDEPOT way’.

“Cameron Hancock is someone we have dealt with over the years on many different matters and has always brought top-shelf experience and a practical head to whatever the matter at hand,” says John Knight, Managing Director of businessDEPOT.

John goes on to say, “Cameron is someone we trust to embrace the idea of working collaboratively with business owners to get results without billing for every 6-minute interval.”

businessDEPOT Legal brings a whole new suite of services to businessDEPOT and will include the legal side of:

  • Buying and selling a business
  • Shareholder/Partnership agreements
  • IP protection
  • Estate & succession planning
  • Commercial property contracts
  • Business structures and restructures
  • Advisory board services


“We are not seeking to interfere with any existing trusted legal relationship you may be fortunate to have, however, we want to provide businessDEPOT Legal as an option for those who are looking for something different from their current legal provider,” says Cameron Hancock, Director of businessDEPOT Legal.

In addition to this, we will soon be launching the Legal Collective … a marketplace of our preferred legal service providers across all areas of law. From family law to tax law, from insolvency to litigation, we want to make sure we can introduce you to those you need to know to remove the roadblocks to success and empower your ideas to become reality.

“Although the launch of legal services under the businessDEPOT banner does make us one of the first [if not the first] multi-disciplinary practice focused on the SME market, it is also the next step towards the marketplace that we want businessDEPOT to become,” says John Knight.

“I am excited to make a real difference to the small to medium business owners of Queensland [and beyond] – a sector that thrives on entrepreneurial spirit but often struggle to get the advice they need when they need it,” said Cameron Hancock.

If you have any questions or would like to know more about businessDEPOT Legal or applying to become a member of the Legal Collective, please feel free to give Cameron or anyone from businessDEPOT a buzz on 07 3193 3000, check out the website at or email Cameron direct at