Have you just rebranded your business, or had a new brand created for your business?

When a marketing agency has met the brief and delivered a smashing brand for your business, you’re no doubt feeling pumped and on a high of fresh colours and a new identity.

At this point, we know its temping to sit back and think the hard work has been done, sit back and let the brand do the work. But what really happens after the glitter has settled, the agency has handed over the brand style guide and their part is done?

We know getting a visual brand that matches your identity is exciting, but how can you make sure this new brand actually works harder for you, so you can concentrate on running the business?

We’ve created an easy-to-follow 6-step plan on how to be sure your visual brand delivers and stays consistent while you take care of the day-to-day.


familiarise yourself with the brand style guide

Chances are you were given a style guide along with your new brand [if you didn’t – you may want to have a stern word with your marketing agency!].

This guide will be your compass, steering you through the new identity. Some guides might be one page, some 40 [!] pages.

A shorter version could include a colour palette, font, icons and graphics, while some more comprehensive versions have everything from the brand language to the placement of the logo on a document.

Length aside, a style guide should have some clear rules on how to use the new identity, which will help create brand recognition for your customers and ensure consistency throughout all your marketing.


train your team

Your team are your best brand ambassadors, so make sure they read the style guide and are familiar with all the changes. It’s important they understand the new identity and messaging and are all on the same page. This creates a sense of belonging and gives them ownership of the brand so they can help clearly communicate the change to your customers and help achieve consistency.


update all of your marketing materials

It’s possible that the marketing agency that created your new brand has already given you some assets [such as a business card and a website], but it’s likely your business has many more assets that will need to be updated.

It’s tempting to edit them as you go but that leaves room for inconsistencies, things being missed and team members not being sure which version to use. It’s a big job, but a worthwhile one in the long run! It’s also a great way to let your brand speak for you, as well as helping build trust with your audience.


announce the change

Communicate this exciting change externally as well as internally. Use your website, social media, email marketing and other channels to communicate with your customers, referrers, networks and industry.

Explain the reason behind the change and how it benefits them. It’s important they understand you are still the same business, simply with a new set of clothes to avoid losing existing trust.

There are many horror stories of big companies thinking they could sneak through a rebrand without communicating with their customers – and trust us, it never works!


monitor feedback and evaluate performance

A rebrand may impact your customers more than you think and it’s possible they’ll have mixed reactions. Monitor feedback, sales and engagement to see if the change is having a positive impact. Make adjustments as necessary to ensure that the new visual identity is resonating with your customers.


celebrate your rebrand

This one is optional, but it’s definitely the most fun! Organise a launch party for employees, customers and anyone else who helped you on your way, to celebrate the new brand and build awareness.

Consider organising some branded merchandise [preferably sustainable and something they will use] like shirts or water bottles and give to customers and employees. This can help get everyone on board with the changes and ensure the transition is smooth as well as engaging.


final thoughts

A rebrand is an excellent opportunity to improve your brand identity and connect with your customers, but it’s essential to do the launch right to ensure the brand can work harder for you.


we’re here to help

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