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Simple and straightforward legal advice

For too long getting access to helpful advice from a legal expert has proved costly, complicated and firmly filed in the 'too hard basket' for most businesses.

Here at businessDEPOT we're proud to offer uncomplicated access to a qualified legal team who specialise in the things that make businesses tick; from initial setups and structures, through growth, sale, and succession, franchising, estate planning and so much more.

Our Brisbane based specialist lawyers can work directly alongside our accountants and advisors, to ensure all agreements, contracts, and advice are aligned with your business goals and tailored to remove any roadblocks to your success.


Transaction Services

We can help with a full range of transaction services, including:

  • Purchase/ Sale Document Drafting
  • Legal Due Diligence
  • Purchase/Sale Advice and Support
  • Commercial Property Contracts
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Rent Roll and Real Estate Business Transactions
  • Investor Ready Reviews
  • Exit Planning
  • Succession Planning
  • Loan agreements
  • Security documentation 

Stakeholder and Shareholder Agreements

Getting the right agreements in place for Stakeholders or Shareholders is not something to be left to chance or best-guess. To ensure all parties are represented correctly, it's essential to have a legal eye run over every line and clause.

Our offering includes creating detailed Agreements and Constitutions for Shareholders, Partnership, Unitholders, Joint Ventures and Associations. We can also produce Buy/Sell Agreements, Quasi/Shadow Equity Agreements and Bonus Agreements

Intellectual Property and Trademarks

Your business's Intellectual Property and Trademarks represent crucial business assets that need protecting.

The expert legal team at businessDEPOT can assist with new registrations for key IP and company trademarks, but also with the ongoing monitoring to ensure your protections remain valid.

Franchise Services

Setting up and running a successful franchise operation is a path that can prove tricky without the right advice. The businessDEPOT Legal team can guide you through the process from setup to ongoing administration, with services including the creation of franchise agreements, disclosure documents, leasing arrangements through to protecting your intellectual property and facilitating the transfer of existing franchised businesses.

Commercial Property Contracts

When assisting with commercial property contracts, our goal is to ensure a smooth process where all considerations are taken into account and your interests are represented within the agreement.

We can assist with contract preparation or review of an existing contract, due diligence to thoroughly review a proposed deal, as well as conveyancing for commercial, industrial and rural properties.

Business Structures

Business structures can take on many forms, so getting the right advice on which structure is best for you, plus the expertise to execute the agreement, is crucial to long-term stability.

We provide advice in the areas of:

  • corporate structures and restructuring
  • joint ventures
  • asset protection
  • franchising and licensing
  • water licensing and rural property
  • property development

Estate and Succession Planning

Protecting your assets well into the future is as important as ensuring today's success, which is why we provide comprehensive planning and advice for estate and succession planning.

Whether it's preparation of a well-considered will, an enduring power of attorney or more complex estate matters, we'll help you make a positive plan for the future.

Advisory Board Services

Adding legal expertise to your advisory board can provide a steady hand and much-needed guidance to ensure potential roadblocks are removed before they can block your progress.

Our legal experts also come backed by the collective knowledge and expertise of the entire businessDEPOT team, meaning we can offer more assistance to power your ideas.

Legal TEAM


Business Owners

businessDEPOT was founded on the ambition to help empower the people behind great businesses; guiding them to smash through barriers and actually bring their ideas to life.

As part of this mission we're excited to give business owners easier access to the legal advice they need in order to clear the way to success.

Real Estate Businesses

Real Estate businesses face a unique set of challenges and opportunities; something we're well aware of given our expertise in this sector across all our service offerings.

Legal services are the latest way we are equipped to help principals both make their day to day operations run smoothly, as well as tackle the big picture when the need arises.


Agribusinesses face a set of unique challenges and uncertainties; something we understand all too well given our team's experience and background in this area. Whether it's minimising risk or seizing opportunities for growth, we can assist with:

  • Restructures
  • Commercial leases and share-farming arrangements
  • Property ownership and management structures
  • Land titling
  • Sales and acquisitions
  • IP, Trademark and Plant Breeder Rights protections
  • Dispute resolution
  • Estate planning and succession advice
  • Water management - rights, access and irrigation


Whether you're a franchisor or a franchisee, we can help set up the right business structures and agreements to ensure smooth sailing ahead. We're experienced in the complex questions facing franchises, including licensing, profit sharing and ownership.


We started out as a startup, so we know the joys - and potential pitfalls - of starting out on your own.

Our legal team can provide advice that's tailored to the life stage of your business, so you get just the right amount of input where it's needed most. From new business structures, to IP protection, we've got you covered when you're looking to grow.


Align your estate planning with your business plans and personal wealth creation plans.

When your situation changes you need to ensure you have updated your wills, power of attorneys and associated documents.  

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