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Complying with the complex rules and regulations of the endless list of tax implications can be a massive headache for any business. Not only that, but it can dramatically affect your bottom line.

Take the stress out of your tax

We do the hard work so you don’t have to. We’ll guide you through this complex maze while taking care to minimise the impact tax has on your numbers and your psyche. We handle the small details across areas like SMSF, FBT and BAS, all the way up to large family groups, tax audits, and consolidations.

Our expertise also extends to corporate tax areas including buybacks, restructuring, compliance and future planning.

tax services


We work with clients to take the stress out of their annual compliance requirements. This includes preparation of income tax returns, business activity statements, payroll tax returns and fringe benefits tax returns.

family business tax issues

Business owners come across a variety of tax issues throughout the year. Our team assist clients with a range of issues including income tax, GST, capital gains tax, fringe benefits tax, payroll tax and superannuation. So whether you need some GST advice on making your first overseas sale or you have an employee looking to do a salary sacrifice arrangement, we are here to help you with any tax issues you may have.

property development

No matter whether you are buying your first investment property or undertaking a multi-stage property development it is vital that you get good advice to minimise your tax liability and avoid potential pitfalls. Our team have significant experience in the property industry and can guide you through the process of buying, developing and selling property. We can help you minimise any income tax, GST and transfer duty consequences of your project. We can also guide you through the commercial issues that may impact on your situation, such as structuring and financing your project.

small business CGT concessions

The small business capital gains tax concessions are the holy grail of tax concessions, allowing small businesses to be sold with minimal income tax consequences. Our team are experts in applying the complex requirements of these concessions.

employee incentive programs

A common issue we hear from business owners is how to incentivise their employees. We work with business owners to design an incentive program that achieves the desired outcomes. Whether this be through an employee share scheme, bonus scheme or phantom equity scheme, we guide clients through the tax and commercial issues to implement these programs.

ATO audit support + advice

ATO reviews or audits come in a variety of forms. An ATO review or audit can be a stressful process for business owners, even where you have done nothing wrong. We are experienced in dealing with the ATO to resolve disputes quickly and allow you to get back to doing what you do best.

international tax

In a global economy it is important to be aware of your tax obligations where you move from country to country or seek to setup business in another country. Our business tax consultants assist both inbound and outbound clients to meet their Australian tax obligations.


As your business grows, the legal structure that you started with may no longer be appropriate for your needs. Factors such as increased risk, asset protection, new business partners and change in regulatory requirements can make your existing structure obsolete. Changing your business structure can be a costly and time consuming exercise. We guide clients through the restructure process, minimising any tax consequences and disruption to your business.

fuel tax credits

If you belong to an industry with heavy fuel usage, we work Australia wide providing Fuel Tax Credit Review services. The legislation around fuel tax credits is constantly changing and some businesses struggle to keep up.

These changes mean there are a number of areas where you should be claiming fuel tax credits at a higher rate compared to the on-road rate. Together we can identify these changes, with businesses being able to backdate their claim over a 4 year period as well as improving the business's claims going forward.

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