The stimulus packages were introduced in a very short time to minimise the impacts of COVID19 to business and employees. The ATO’s role as administrator of the JobKeeper scheme is to ensure payments are made to eligible businesses as quickly as possible. Here to help and support people to do the right thing for the JobKeeper Payment Scheme, the ATO also have checks and balances in place to assess all applications for eligibility as well as detect and deal with those abusing the system accordingly.

To dispel the myths, to calm your nerves and to clarify the ATO position, we have arranged for Assistant Commissioner Andrew Watson from the ATO Small Business Line to join us on our next ‘Calm COVID Convo’.

The questions we will answer, and areas we will cover in this convo with the Assistant Commission will include:

  1. Do I keep getting JobKeeper even if my income returns to normal?
  2. The ‘once you’re in, you’re in’ rule.
  3. What supporting documents and information would the ATO like to see to confirm eligibility?
  4. What activities will ATO focus on as part of their JobKeeper compliance program [PCG 2020/4]?
  5. Cash Boost Payment/Credits processing delays.
  6. What other support is the ATO providing small to medium businesses?
  7. ATO online services adoption

Rarely do you get a chance to ask questions of someone from the ATO of this calibre!