Marketing is one of the best growth opportunities for business… if done right. SMEs are faced continuously with uphill struggles when it comes to generating new customers through marketing. It’s easy to post to social media. It’s fun to push a website live. But when you put all of your efforts into these activities, and the phone isn’t ringing, it is devastating! 

Join a group of like-minded business owners experiencing the same heartache of non-performing marketing tactics at the upcoming “Not Another Marketing Workshop” workshop. 

You may be thinking “most of this digital marketing stuff I can learn online”. With every man and his dog calling themselves ‘marketers’ these days it’s hard to know where to look to find the right advice for you and your business. 

get more marketing ideas + structure

Our expert marketing team will pull back the layers of complicated ‘marketing wankery’ and take you through an easy to navigate marketing approach that can deliver that much-desired growth you are seeking… all without the overwhelm! And you won’t just leave with a bank of awesome marketing ideas. Unlike some of the other marketing workshops out there, we’ll help you craft a simple 1-page marketing plan that is easy to follow so you can execute your marketing strategy without it falling into the “too hard basket”.


Marketing isn’t as hard as some people say

Those that say it is just lack focus and understanding. Go that extra step above your competitors who are struggling with an unplanned approach to marketing.

what you’ll learn at the workshop


Learn how your brand can stand tall and cut through the noisy world of brand and marketing messages.

attracting the right customers

Spend some time using a simple and effective tool to ensure you are always attracting the right customers to your business. 

lead generation & nurturing

Tactics, strategies, channels and ideas to generate more leads to your business, and nurture those leads for a higher probability of conversions.

your marketing infrastructure

We’ll share the platforms you need in your business to streamline and automate your marketing processes. Plus, learn what automation you need in your business right now.

content marketing

We’ll provide ways to make sure you are creating compelling content that attracts the right people to your business. Also, discover the “how to’s” of creating compelling content.

video marketing

Video doesn’t need to be so hard! We’ll share the tips and tricks to creating great videos for your business, on the cheap!

website performance

We’ll take you through different ways to optimise your website for more traffic and higher conversions!

your one-page marketing plan!

After everything we’ll go through during the workshop, we won’t just send you on your merry way hoping you’ll retain some of the value bombs we have dropped on you. No. Before you walk out the door, you’ll spend a small amount of time crafting a simple 1-page marketing plan that will guide your marketing efforts, keep you on track, and maximise your results. No more scattergun approach to marketing!


who should attend?

You are a small to medium business owner. You are short on time and resources. You’re spending too much time and money on marketing that isn’t working. You’re in a growth phase and you need to find a structured approach to generating new business… an approach that will bring leads through the door.


the agenda