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Life can get busy with family and business stuff. It takes time and energy to make the right decisions and often you may be procrastinating for months about what to do next. Keeping things simple, is what we do. Talk to our Brisbane financial planner today.

Whether you’re getting started, have an established business or are super successful, we know how to show you the most appropriate way to achieve your financial, family and business goals.

Creating your personalised financial plan will provide you clarity about where you want to be. It will make you feel more in control of your future and our team will partner with you to ensure you stay on track to achieve this, even when life throws you a curveball.

personal insurance

Solutions to ensure you and your family are protected financially against unforeseen health events. Whether you need to replace income, reduce debt, or be able to afford long term health costs, life, total permanent disability, trauma or income protection insurance can provide peace of mind that you and your family will be protected.

business insurance

There is a human element to any business and a director or key person suffering a health event can financially disrupt your growth and/or succession plans. Having buy/sell insurance in place combined with an appropriate legal agreement can assist a business with funding for an exiting director when an unexpected health event occurs. This protects both your family and business structures while reducing the financial risk to all parties involved.

Key person insurance can also be used to protect the business' revenue and/or debt management of the business in the event of a key employee suffering from a health event or untimely death.

wealth planning

The first step in any financial plan is to set out your financial goals and lifestyle aspirations. We will help you get clarity on what you want to achieve then work with you to create a roadmap with strategic direction so that you can control your destination. The partnership you have with your adviser will include regular reviews and ongoing support to ensure you create the necessary wealth to live the life you want.

cash flow budgeting

Cash flow determines every step of your financial plan. Knowing your current cash flow needs and planning for future goals will allow us to create a road map for your finances.

Knowing your cash breakeven point and net asset position is key to having peace of mind. By using simple budgeting tools and a detailed strategy, we can set you up and hold you accountable to your goals.

estate planning

Have you truly thought about the implications of death? No one wants to talk about it but no one wants to burden those we leave behind with headaches either [there’s enough going on already].

We can discuss the financial impact of death on you, your family, and your investment structures – of course working collaboratively with your you, your estate lawyers, your accountants and tax advisers, to make sure all things have been considered.

Don’t have your estate planning team in place yet? Don’t worry, we can bring together some or all of the team you need and even facilitate a workshop with you and your family.

self managed super

With so many rules and requirements for a trustee to adhere to, we educate, establish and assist you through the entire SMSF process. Many people are attracted to an SMSF as they want to take control over their superannuation, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need advice. Contributions strategies, pension planning, property or investment structuring all play a major role within the lifecycle of your fund and you should seek personalised advice to ensure you are on track.

dive deeper


Maximising your potential in super, whether self-managed or not, is more than just saving on costs or comparing performance. Tailoring your investments, developing a contribution strategy and reviewing regularly are all key to making the most of your super.

retirement planning

Whether you are planning your full-on retirement or just scaling back the days and hours you are working, it can be a scary prospect. “Have I got enough to retire?” is one of the most common questions we are asked.

We will educate you through this transition and work with you to plan your cash flow based on your lifestyle goals - so you can enjoy your post-retirement years stress-free. Planning for your retirement from an early age will give you time to map out and make changes to your finances, so you can relax and enjoy your newfound freedom when the time comes!

family office services

Business owners and executives are often time-poor and dealing with their personal affairs is low on the list of priorities. And for individuals post-retirement, it can be challenging if you no longer have access to the internal support team that previously pulled it all together for you. We offer a tailor-made ‘Personal CFO’ service where we organise, maintain and monitor your personal finances on your behalf. We can even project manage all those financial decisions you have been putting off.

We can be the central point for your personal affairs, working with all your key advisers – from bankers to accountants, solicitors and insurance brokers - allowing you to check in with one person instead of five.

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