It’s important to know what is going on in the industry and what others are doing to take advantage of the opportunities while still keeping a buffer for the uncertain path that lies ahead.

During this Calm Covid Convo, John Knight was joined by Craig Harrison and Rebecca Mihalic to discuss what we are currently talking to our real estate clients about every day including:

  • what the recent federal budget really means for the industry [now the dust has settled],
  • the issues real estate businesses are coming up against and what real-life businesses are doing about it,
  • JobKeeper, JobMaker and JobSeeker – the current lay of the land and how we are seeing it applied,
  • the Melbourne factor – what you can do if you are in Melbourne or what you could do if another location goes into a similar lockdown,
  • why some businesses are thriving and what we are advising them,
  • practical tips and insights on business, finance, cash flow, strategy and so much more.

This was a really practical discussion, packed full of real-life examples, tips and advice from advisors and accountants who work with real estate businesses across the country every day.

If you have any questions, please drop us a line at or 1300BDEPOT and ask us about our business advisory services or ask to speak to a businessDEPOT real estate accountant. 

If you missed it, would just like to re-watch a particular part or share with a colleague, you can access the video below as a handy little recap.