We are excited to be able to share the first of 3 big announcements for businessDEPOT to end 2020 on a high.

Jacquii Reeves has joined the accounting team at businessDEPOT and has taken on the role of Head Tax Consultant.

Bringing to the team a wealth of skills and experience from her time at EY and MGI, Jacquii will be in charge of all things tax for the businessDEPOT Group. Our vision for the tax team is simple… be the leading tax advisors for business owners [and the people behind them].

We have always batted above our weight when it comes to technical tax advice and strategy but with Jacquii’s support, we intend to take this to a new level with her practical, plain-talking and considered advice to make sure you are not paying $1 more in tax than you have to – all with a lens-specific for small to medium enterprises.

Please join us in welcoming Jacquii to the team.

If you would like to get in touch with Jacquii you can contact her at j.reeves@businessdepot.com.au.

PS: Yes, I have shaved beard and am doing Movember [if ever there was a year to raise awareness for men’s mental health, this is it]. You can donate here.