It’s time to get more information on what you can and cannot do as a landlord and as a tenant given the new mandatory code of conduct.

John Knight, Rebecca Mihalic and Robert Shepley answer the following questions for Calm Covid Convos webinar #6 focusing on Commercial Tenancies:

  1. As a tenant, I need to ask for some room to move on my lease. How should I go about that discussion?
  2. As a landlord, I’ve been asked to provide a discount to a tenant in one of my commercial properties. What are my obligations as a landlord to consider this request?
  3. What are the options I could provide as a landlord [such as deferrals, abatements, payment plans and so forth]?
  4. What legal rights do I have as a tenant during this period?
  5. What legal rights do I have as a landlord during this period?
  6. What if I need/want to get rid of a tenant for some reason other than unpaid rents?
  7. If I provide a discount, can I add the equivalent value to the end of the lease?

Watch the webinar below

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