If ever there has been a time we needed to be ‘change ready’ it has been in the last couple of months. But, what lies ahead could require even more change – real change that truly transforms our businesses, makes the most of the opportunities available and truly ready ourselves for the performance Australia needs from small businesses [the workhorse of the economy]. 

We learnt during this discussion though that we shouldn’t be striving for new normal but instead to strive to find your ‘next normal’.  Things have changed before and whether you compare it to the GFC or past recessions or health crisis, humans are generally very adaptable but we won’t be going back to how things used to be. 

An individuals’ tolerance for ambiguity during these times will be key to making sure we are aware of how team members are potentially going to react to these uncertain time and also how we will react ourselves too. 

To find out more about your tolerance for ambiguity I would suggest completing AdaptiQ Minds ‘Indicator of Ambiguity’.

For some businesses, it was the youngest and newest person in the team that had the skills needed to help the organisation survive and thrive.  Martin suggested that we will see different people thrive in the future and challenged us to look in different places for innovation going forward. 

I know I struggle to identify when the team need me to step aside from a problem and leave them to it, or when to step up and show them the way out of a problem?  Small business owners, managers and founders though tend to be more equipped to deal with change and acting swiftly to solve a problem or grab an opportunity. 

Leadership at the moment is about providing clarity not certainty 

 Other key takeaways: 

  • Leadership cannot be a top-down approach in these times 
  • We will see different people thrive into the future. We need to look in different places for innovation in our teams.
  • Change is driven by hearts and minds.  Look out for your unconscious bias.
  • Leaders need to listen more than ever. 
  • Building trust is absolutely paramountThere is a bright spotless on trust right now. 
  • How we work may just be better to think of as a distributed team? 
  • It’s a time of great humanity and the principles of what makes a good leader is becoming even more clear and more graphically demonstrated right now. 
  • The need for empathy for your team and your customers.
  • Small business owners tend to be more equipped to act quickly to problems or grab opportunities that arise.
  • Leadership at the moment is about providing clarity not certainty.
  •  Purposeled and values-led organisations are going to thrive. 
  • Knowing your tolerance for ambiguity is one way to be change ready.  
  • Customer looking for different ways to engage with you  
  • There is no one size fits all  
  • Ambiguity and uncertainty always creates opportunities – you just need to deal with the associated fears 
  • Creativity builds when you have some boundaries  
  • Australian businesses need to ignore that we are on an island and think bigger, think more global. 
  • Be proud of what you achieved and how you have innovated.  How do you want to be remembered as a leader during this and how are you going to harness it going forward?  Hold on to the decisiveness  

Don’t get stuck, take another step forwardIt’s ok to not have all the answers.  Keep focusing on the rebound and start getting ready. 

 Links to resources and contacts

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Change Success Model from Mindshop 


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