Prepare for the impact of Coronavirus now by making sure you don’t leave a dollar on the table.

It seems inevitable that the immediate future for the Australian economy is uncertain and many will experience tough times.  You need to prepare now for a drop in income and the resulting likely cashflow woes.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has hit the trucking industry hard. Container operators are reporting drops in the volume of 70 to 80 per cent. Interstate freight, which was already low, has plummeted in the last few weeks,” Geoff Crouch, Chair of the Australian Trucking Association said.

One way everyone in the transport industry can make sure they don’t leave a single dollar on the table is to review their Fuel Tax Claiming process.

The changes to the Fuel Tax Credit legislation are still being overlooked and many in the industry are underclaiming.

You are entitled to review past claims and may be eligible to recoup 4 years’ worth of lost revenue in your next BAS to help you prepare for the uncertain times ahead.

To get your claims right we strongly recommend undertaking a Fuel Tax Credit review. We’ve been working in the Transport industry for over 6 years, and am highly recommended from many of my clients and we have a strong relationship with many transport associations across Australia.

The initial review of your potential claim is at no cost and quickly identifies if you are claiming correctly or not, and where your opportunities are to increase areas of your claim by 26c per litre.

Once it’s been confirmed that a business is under claiming then the next stage of the review is to provide advice, this advice is at a % fee that is agreed on upfront. If no refund is identified then no fee is rendered for the services provided – so, you have nothing to lose.

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Check out this link to a brief Q&A to help explain his Fuel Tax Credit services in more detail and how the process works.

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