I recently caught up with Craig Harrison, one of the Directors from our Accounting team, to talk about how you can use your rent roll equity to assist in further acquisitions.

As a Chartered Accountant who has worked with many private businesses operating in the real estate industry, Craig is extensively familiar with the accounting side of acquiring and managing rent rolls.

When people are looking to acquire new rent rolls, banks will often be willing to lend around 60% of the capital. Often it is then assumed that you will need to find the other 40% in cash to make the purchase.

What you might not know is if you already hold equity of another rent roll, you might be able to make this purchase without investing any more of your own cash!

If you’d like to have someone dig into your numbers and determine if this is an option for you, please do not hesitate to give Craig a call on 0410 419 144. Or if you’re looking to acquire or sell a rent roll you can contact me on 0447 169 996.

listings wanted

We have a surplus of fully qualified, finance approved buyers looking to sell in most areas across Queensland. If you are thinking about selling, now might be a perfect time. If you’d like to have a chat about this please do not hesitate to give me a buzz.