There is one tax deadline that is never pushed out… 30 June is a hard deadline and it is incredibly difficult to implement tax planning strategies after the event. 

While you can’t avoid paying taxes, let us make sure you don’t pay a dollar more tax than you have to. 

In our latest Calm Tax Convo, our Sydney Director Rebecca Mihalic was joined by our Accounting Director and real estate guru Craig Harrison, and our Head of Tax Jacquii Reeves, to talk about tax planning opportunities for 2022 and ways you can prepare yourself and your business for the end of the financial year. 

This Calm Tax Convo covered:

  • timing differences versus real tax savings 
  • what people commonly get wrong 
  • instant asset write-offs   
  • big picture strategies for the long term 
  • update on the tax rate changes 
  • matters specific to FY 2022 
  • superannuation thresholds 
  • the importance of trust distribution minutes 
  • general year-end tax administration considerations 

If you have any questions or would like help with tax planning more specific to your circumstance, feel free to contact us at or give us a buzz on 1300 BDEPOT.


Originally authored by Jacquii Reeves.


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