Are you not paying attention to email marketing? Are you feeling clouded and are not seeing the true value from your emails? Could you be feeling confused with all the other channels to choose from? Well, stop building your audience on your social media accounts and rented land. Transform your audience into a real business asset – an email database, and start sending marketing emails that make a real impact in your marketing efforts.

If you are ready to communicate with your clients [current & prospective] in a way that will drive sales and increase revenue then watch this Webinar!

here’s what you will learn:

  1. Build a list of contacts who are likely to become customers or even brand advocates
  2. Create an email that will move your audience through the marketing and sales pipeline
  3. Measure the effectiveness of email marketing beyond the vanity metrics of opens and clicks
  4. Email messaging and design tips and tricks
  5. Just kick all round ass at email marketing!