So you’ve started all these exciting new marketing ventures! The ideas are buzzing around your head and you can’t wait to get to work and record that new podcast subject, write that article or share that post! You write it down on a scrap of paper and forget about it until later. But now it’s later, and you really have forgotten… The moment has passed, what was that thing that I was going to do with what’s his face?

If you can relate then you need to get yourself a project management system!

It can seem like an odd pairing putting a project management system with the fluid nature of Marketing. After all, it’s just about producing content and creating pretty pictures… right? WRONG. Any aspiring Marketer will quickly realise the reality of juggling a shed load of projects and working with a team (sometimes a team who doesn’t consist of Marketers) is really difficult.

Rarely are two Marketing projects ever the same, they come in a variety of shapes and sizes, ranging in level of input and resources. Small marketing projects may need to be delivered by COB. You have to be punctual and bust out your best work every time. Whereas, large marketing projects have many small details which require pinpoint tracking and coordination. Details may be at risk of slipping through the cracks, because often in the marketing world, a lot of the time you are doing something completely new to the team.

Now, putting those everyday ideas through processes to produce results is a challenge for any team regardless of the size or situation. That is where a project management system comes in handy.

So what is a Project Management system? Well, it’s a private forum where your team manually log projects that they are working on. From this platform, the team can coordinate their workload and even work together to complete projects in record speed. Although this concept is very simple, it will definitely increase your team’s efficiency.

In the past, email was a popular way to collaborate with your team. Adding additional noise to your already busy inbox would often result in things getting lost. With a project management tool, your marketing projects can be shared in one place and updated in the cloud.

Since our team has been using this system it has completely revolutionised all of our processes. The team can now track each project, see where individual team members are at with it and add input where necessary. Having complete and total visibility of every project and what stage is, it is valuable when you are trying to turn a pumpkin into a coach.

For those new to project management platforms, Trello might sound like another social movement which has popped up overnight. Lets just clear that up and say it is not. In fact, a great organisation tool! Trello helps you stay on the same page [ or board in this case ] as your team. Trello is free to get started on. If you are looking to add in all the fancy apps then it can cost you.

I urge you to download Trello today and get your team in the same headspace!

Do you need help setting up or just want to chew our ear as to how we use it, feel free to reach out to the businessDEPOT Marketing team!