Remember that image you posted on your LinkedIn company page that looked too small or the sizing wasn’t working causing parts of the image to appear cut off? Don’t fall victim again!

One of the most effective strategies creating waves in this digital age is actively cultivating your brand’s online presence through various platforms including social media, and what rules social media today is visual content. Visual content helps your brand deliver the right message to the right audience and stand out in the social media clutter. It is what people often see first as they scroll through their screens and probably what will be retained in their memory, so you want to make sure you have your visual content on social media in the right size.

You don’t need to be a graphic designer to maintain consistent images sizes across your social media channels, you simply need tools to help you and these tools are plentiful online. Canva is a great online app that is quite easy to use for a business owner with no graphic design know-how… and it’s free!

Creating visual content for your social media networks shouldn’t be confusing. We’ve provided the right image sizes and dimensions for the main social media networks for small businesses below.

Guide To Social Media Image Sizes Infographic

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