While I get the awesome job title “Director of Strategic Advisory”, I’m not the only business advisor at businessDEPOT. Not only do we have our own Financial Advisory experts led by Andrew Holmes CA, the man in demand is often our esteemed “Managing Director” John Knight. On any given workday, there’s usually an organisation or group of CEOs somewhere in Australia benefiting from either or both of us at the front of the room.

So when our schedules aligned to welcome John to the Blackboard, I asked him to share one of the simplest and more powerful financial tools he knows.

We all want to “Raise the Bar” in our business, but have you ever asked what that actually means? Or how to do it? In this week’s #BlackboardFridays, John explains:

  1. What the “Bar” actually is, and how to calculate it
  2. How to “Raise the Bar” in your business
  3. How to apply this technique whether you’re measuring salespeople, product lines, interstate operations, or any other division of results that you want to see improving

And let me know what you think of “Oh Captain, My Captain”. Based on this episode, I think we’ll be inviting him back for more. Watch this.