Welcome to Blackboard Fridays Episode 50! 

A milestone for us, and it also marks about 1 year since we started releasing our weekly videos – your ongoing feedback and love is much appreciated by the businessDEPOT team!

The milestone warrants a very special episode, and so that’s what we have created. It’s a little bit longer and a LOT more comprehensive, as we walk through all 12 elements of ‘The businessDEPOT Way’.

‘The businessDEPOT Way’ is the business coaching methodology our advisory team work with clients to design and implement, empower their bright ideas and create sustainable change. This integrated system is available to businesses of all sizes, and sets us apart from coaches or consultants who can only contribute one piece of the puzzle.

Some of these strategic frameworks are based on decades of research and application; all of them have been road-tested on privately held companies, active growth businesses, and business owners across Australia and around the world.

So grab yourself a slice of celebration cake, watch this week’s episode, and see how well you’re applying ‘The most colourful business strategy in the world’.