Did you know that the ATO is replacing their Auskey with “MyGovID” functionality?  This means that after the 27th March you will no longer be able to use your Auskey to access the ATO Business Portal. 

MyGovID is the Australian Government’s digital identity provider that allows you to prove who you are online. It is different from your myGov account. 

MyGovID uses your mobile phone to securely generate a unique code whenever you log into the business portal. The myGovID app uses security features in your devices such as fingerprint, face or password to help keep your information secure. This is to protect your identity and help stop other people from accessing your information. 

Steps to set up your myGovID app and connect to your business are as follows:

1. Set up your myGovID App and provide the two pieces of information required to identify yourself as an Australian resident. You can choose from the following identity documents: 

  • Passport (not more than three years expired) 
  • Driver’s licence (including learner permit) 
  • Birth certificate 
  • Medicare card

Instructions to set up the App can be found here 

2. Link your business ABN to your myGovID in the Relationship Authorisation Manager (RAM). 

You need to be the principal authority in your business to set up this link. Instructions to link your myGovID to RAM can be found here.

 3. You can then invite employees and individuals to access your business via the Relationship Authorisation Manager. 

Employees will need to set up their own myGovID apps as per step 1. 

Instructions to invite others to work on behalf of your business can be found here 

Frequently asked questions 

what if I don’t have two pieces of Australian identification? 

The ATO recommends that businesses review their list of associates on the Australian Business Register (ABR). If you have any directors who can establish a myGovID with a Standard identity strength, you can link the business in RAM. Once the business is linked you can authorise business representatives. 

If the above solution is not possible. the ATO are working on options for associates that don’t have Australian identity documents and need to access government online services. More information on this process will be available soon. 

what if my employees don’t have two pieces of Australian identification? 

This could relate to employees who are: 

  • offshore 
  • a non-resident working in Australia 
  • an Australian without the right documentation. 

A solution for people in this group will be available in March 2020. 

will I need to buy a new phone if mine’s “a bit old”? 

Maybe (but hopefully not!). The myGovID app is compatible with most smart devices using: 

  • iOS 10 or later on Apple devices 
  • Android 7.0 (Nougat) or later. This excludes devices that use the Android Go operating system, such as Android One. 

will I be able to access the business portal from any device? 

Yes! Unlike the Auskey, MygovID will enable you to log into your business portal on any rather than being restricted to the device on which your Auskey is installed. 

If you need a hand to get set up or have any questions, contact one of our accounting team members.