Ok, let’s rephrase. No one wants your boring, stock standard, done before, playing it safe content that you copied from Google… and I’m sure you know that too. At the end of the day, “been there done that” content is not going to give you the search engine results or website traffic you are looking for, or even the engagement you expect. Why? Because it’s vanilla. It’s been done time and time before and people already know the ending. It won’t add value to searchers, so Google won’t rank it and consumers have more than likely read it before, so they just keep on scrolling. *insert shrugging emoji* sorry guys.

i mean, there is a lot of content out there, right?

There is so much content out there, SO MUCH! Too much for you to just be producing the same as everyone else and expecting to get different results each time. Inbound Marketing used to be cool and indie. But now it is becoming mainstream and everyone wants a piece of the metaphorical pie. Social Media and email are saturated with content on a daily basis and it is becoming an almighty struggle to get that sought-after click. If your content is just a carbon copy of someone else’s content, chances are people have already come across it before. Be different, challenge the content that is already out there and if you are creating content with a similar topic to a competitor, take the time to add your own voice and creative touch.

you can do it, put your back into it!

Some of the best content that I have read is from the heart of those who work in the business. Their content is enriched with emotion as they inject their own real life examples and case studies that they have experienced which in turn will resonate with the reader on a human level. This content is genuine and this is reflected in how the audience engages with it. A powerful thought piece that is focused on being educational but also packed full of emotion is a winning formula. So throw some of your own examples and case studies into your content!

content marketing is not just writing a blog

When you are creating content, think of it as more than just the written piece, or the video, or newsletter. Content is EVERYTHING! It is the header you write to the image you select. Believe it or not, content is even a phone call your receptionist has with a client. Your content is the whole package so use every bit of real estate, asset and team member you have to get people engaging with the business through multiple touchpoints. Take something as simple as the imagery you use, for example. Don’t just go for the first stock image that comes up and loosely relates to what you wrote about. Dig deeper and think outside of the box. Maybe even be a little controversial. I have frequently used pictures of Donald Trump in content I write and this usually stops people in their tracks every time! Use graphics, icons, memes, and GIFs and really make it yours.

content creation might just not be your thing

The thing is, some people like to write content, they like to put their opinion out there into the internet world and sometimes it can be very well received. Then we have others who don’t like to write content but think they should just do it anyway because “my competitors are doing it”. So they wreck their brains spending weeks procrastinating over a blog of 600 words only to publish content that is either plagiarised, it waffles on too much and doesn’t reach a point, or it doesn’t say enough and answer the question of the reader. And while practice makes perfect, do you have time to learn the ropes. Sometimes it’s best to work with people who understand content writing and can guide the way for you so you know you are in safe hands with people who have a passion for producing captivating pieces.

Try not to go down the path of “copying someone else’s homework” in your content creation. Take the time to make it your own, inject emotion and energy into it and if you need to, surround yourself with people who live and breathe content and can offer a helping hand so your content stands out against that of your competitors.

If you have any questions about your content strategy or would just like to chew someone’s ear, great! We love to talk about all things content for business. Get in touch with the businessDEPOT Marketing team.