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Melissa Milfull has a passion for helping people. With a heartfelt desire to listen to your story and identify what matters the most to you, Melissa enjoys working with you to empower you with the tools to soar with success. Valuing integrity and authenticity, Melissa's nurturing and sensitivity allows her to build an instant rapport.

Melissa has over 17 years' experience in Public Practice and the Accounting Industry with a diverse background in accounting services having worked in a variety of firms and locations including the Brisbane CBD, Ipswich, Boonah and Gold Coast.

With a thirst for learning and a passion for community, Melissa draws on real-life experiences to dedicate her time to assisting others to achieve their financial and life goals.
Over the span of her career, Melissa has dedicated her efforts to increasing her knowledge and expertise and has developed a well-rounded ability to see the whole picture in a client situation. Having started in taxation and accounting compliance, working with clients across a variety of industries, Melissa's passion for providing proactive advice and helping people to take control of their financial situation was inspired. With a heart for family and community, the desire to combine these areas followed a natural progression into financial planning and developing a superannuation specialisation. Melissa has over 10 years of SMSF expertise and 5 years' experience as a Financial Advisor whilst continuing to focus on Business Advisory for over 17 years.

Recognising the need for balance, and the importance of a creative outlet, Melissa enjoys spending time with her family, and her interests include Singing, Travelling, Reading, Cardmaking and doing jigsaw puzzles.

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