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Kira’s talent for accounting is no surprise when you consider her “not crazily, but just enough” perfectionist nature.

From providing tax advice and working with solicitors in the processing of large estates, to assisting foreign residents with CGT advice on Australian taxable property, complex tax scenarios are quite familiar to Kira. Most notably, Kira holds significant experience with tax compliance work on large multi-entity groups, spanning into many industries such as property, agriculture, retail, finance and wholesale.

In addition to her fantastic accounting skills, Kira has a love for assisting, training and mentoring others, bolstering her team around her. It won’t surprise you that her team describes her as approachable, patient, and supportive.

When not crunching numbers, Kira loves spending time with her son, husband, and their energetic kelpie named Beerus [if you know, you know].

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