As everyone starts to think about heading back to work there is a whole stack of things to think about from a HR, IR, and WHS perspective.

During this session, we will discuss what you need to do to make sure the workplace is safe from a technical and practical perspective. We’ll also talk about the employment law side of things when employees return from being stood down, your obligations from a flexi-working perspective and Fair Work considerations.

Questions and matters we will answer will include:

  1. What are the Safework Australia requirements?
  2. How will the phases of returning to work operate and what do you need to be thinking about as an employer?
  3. Practical tips around things like safe distancing, hygiene, and cleaning.
  4. Do you need to update your sick leave policies?
  5. Contractual considerations when returning employees that have been stood down or from reduced hours.
  6. Legal considerations around flexi-working and your WHS obligations.
  7. Ideas around flexible working.

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