In business, we often come up against many different speed bumps, hurdles and brick walls – those barriers that can either slow us down, hold us back, or stop us from achieving our vision and delivering on our goals.

The mindset of a business owner is critical to the success of their business and yet so rarely do they invest in their own headspace or put themselves in a situation to be their best. Sometimes, they will feel stuck, not know what to do next, or need a catalyst to help them breakthrough!

Recently John, our Founder and Managing Director, was lucky enough to enjoy a trip to Mongolia with the Office of Chief Entrepreneur and Best Life Adventures with one simple objective – to take himself out of his comfort zone and see what thinking, mindset and clarity comes next. If you have spoken to John since, I am sure you would have heard all about it [we’ve dubbed it John’s Mongolian Glow].

John enjoyed and valued the adventure so much, he has organised to take another group of business owners to Mongolia to enable them to have the same experience – to help them breakthrough whatever barrier is holding them back from achieving their vision.

During this adventure you will venture far from the madding crowd, disconnect from the digital world and embark on a week of physical adventure, personal development, business workshops and mindset coaching with John and the team from Best Life Adventures, Peak Persona and the Nomadic School of Business.

We are bringing together in one amazing place everyone you need to help you and your business breakthrough:

  • Ben Southall of Best Life Adventures:  Real life experience with challenges and adventure.
  • John Knight of Business Depot: Business adviser and workshop facilitator with an entrepreneurial spirit.
  • Aaron Birkby of Peak Persona: Peak performance guru to help you get the best out of self.
  • Anthony Willoughby of Nomadic School of Business: Lean on the nomadic way of living to reflect on your vision and focus.

To attend you will need to be either:

  1. A start-up
  2. A business owner
  3. Senior Manager in your business
  4. about to start your own business.

For more details on the adventure or to register your interest and join John and the team, click here.

Please note there is no obligation at this point in time, even if you register your interest. Simply register your interest and we will follow up with you later to get more details from you and confirm your involvement.