C3Talent is a Talent organization that combines 60 years of Talent identification, attraction and development expertise in one company. They provide consultation and recruitment services for Executive & Boards, Accounting & Finance, Human Resources and Administration.

website design + development

The team at C3Talent approached businessDEPOT Marketing to build them a website for the launch of their business. A website that showcases their new brand, expertise and credibility in the recruitment sector. Their objective was to champion their industry expertise and the combined years of experience of the team in recruitment. 

C3Talent Case Study Website


monthly marketing support

After the launch of C3Talent’s new website, they engaged businessDEPOT Marketing on an on-going basis for monthly marketing services under our Monthly Marketing retainer service. 

We began this on-going support with a strategy session where we jumped deep into the key elements of their marketing strategy, including:

  • Target Market & Buyer Personas
  • Unique Selling Proposition [USP]
  • Marketing channels required to attract their ideal persona
  • Strategies for lead generation, nurturing and conversion
  • Annual marketing goals
  • Systems, roles and responsibilities

Following this session, we provided C3Talent with an easy to navigate marketing plan which would guide our marketing efforts moving forward providing clarity and focus. 

On a monthly basis, we provide C3Talent with marketing services with the objective of bringing credibility to the brand and expertise through the production of content assets. These content assets, in many forms, were integral to the on-going attraction and nurturing of the C3Talent audience.

When we established C3Talent in July 2018, we could not have dreamed of receiving the level of assistance for our marketing and branding that we have from the team at businessDEPOT Marketing. Their professionalism, timely responses and willingness to challenge our thoughts has been outstanding and the results we have achieved, owing to their fabulous support, are exceptional. We cannot recommend them highly enough to anyone who seeks a professional outsourced marketing provider, who is totally invested in you as a client.

social media marketing

We navigate the brand through the noisy buzz of social media by managing their online communities. We engage their social media audience through posting content and job listings, liking posts, commenting and responding.

email marketing

After setting up their email marketing platform and email templates, we build and send one email to their marketing database each month with educational content for both candidates and clients. This content is designed to nurture their contacts to the point of conversion.

content marketing

We take on the creation of content assets and manage the publication and distribution of content through their various online channels. 

video content

Working with the leaders of C3Talent, we scripted, shot, edited and published educational video content targeted at candidates and clients with the aim to educate and share the C3Talent teams’ expertise. This brought more of a human feel to their content assets.


Prior to engaging businessDEPOT Marketing, the C3Talent new business proposal resembled pages and pages of terms and conditions. We advised this didn’t reflect their brand in the best light. So we set them up with a Proposify account, an online proposal creation tool. We designed a proposal template to use in the platform and displayed many appealing visuals, with pages broken up by headings and icons. C3Talent went from losing some rather sizable potential clients, to winning over $100,000 in new client business, simply by applying a new proposal design and system.

C3Talent Case Study Props