As people start to see an end in sight or at least start to see a way of out of this COVID situation, we are starting to see clients wanting to talk about investment opportunities again. 

Join John Knight, Rebecca Mihalic and Simone Murad, financial planner and accountant of our Sydney business services office discuss:

  1. Is there anything that makes this investment cycle different from others?  
  2. What’s the impact on how we invest when we come back from this? 
  3. Do you see investment habits changing into the future?  
  4. Are people still putting investment decisions on hold or are they now wanting to take advantage of the market?  
  5. What long term considerations should clients be thinking about with all investment decisions at this point in time? 
  6. How do you feel about those wanting to take the $10k out of super?  
  7. What are you seeing for other investment classes going forward? 

Watch the webinar below


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