As technology improves it helps us become more efficient and opens up new ways for us to conduct business. But often even with all the new tricks and tools available to us, it’s easy for people to overlook the basics.

In our industry, there is a person involved at every step, so one of the most important ‘basics’ is relationships, and they are the key to success.

Today I bring another highlight from my ongoing raw and real series over on LinkedIn [where I keep my followers up to date on all the latest news and strategies that the best agents are using].

Earlier in the year, I had the chance to catch up with Scott Harman, who has been in the industry for 30-odd years. Amongst other roles, Scott spent 23 years working as a LREA and is currently one of the top coaches in the real estate industry. Watch my chat with Scott on how relationships are the key to success:

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transcript from dean and scott’s conversation


…Dean. Now I’ve got Scotty with me, who’s an exceptional coach. He’s been around 30-odd years and seen it all, done it all. But you know what? We’ve actually got back to the core of what ours is and it’s relationships. Technology’s great but if we’re not on the phone, belly-to-belly, it’s all about relationships. So, why have we come back to that?


Well, because it’s the core of our business. I mean, everyone has a doctor, they have a dentist, they’ll even have a mechanic. How many of them have a real estate agent? They don’t, because we are not building those relationships with all of the people that we’re talking to… Just how many good friends do you have that you’ve never spoken to?


That’s a really good point. Because without that dialogue back and forth, you don’t build it as a relationship. And it’s not always, “Oh, it’s just when I’m going to sell.” It’s a longer period of time. Or, I might be helping somebody else that’s selling or somebody else that wants to buy, and you want to be that person of choice.


Go and see Scott. Go and see Dean. It’s all about relationships. And once again, building the relationship is on the phone, belly-to-belly.


I love that one. Cheers, everyone.