Why Instagram Stories is a winning Social Media strategy

[ the how to and why of Instagram Stories ]
by Pia Rees-Rogers Published

The Instagram Story feature is designed for those fleeting moments in your business where you do not need something as evergreen as a post. Instagram stories are reserved solely for those ad-hoc, impromptu moments that happen here and there. If you are looking to catch a tender moment between your staff and their pets, or promote an event, perhaps even let your audience know you are hiring a new staff member *insert shrugging girl emoji here* you can do this through your Instagram story.


And the best thing of all is that Instagram Stories are a little bit like a train. In terms of it is very hard to reduce the momentum when it's moving. The addictive design of Instagram Stories has your followers viewing them for longer than they plan to. Instagram Insights actually show that 80% of users keep on scrolling the Instagram story while only 20% actually exit. 

Here is a little of my insight on how to use this platform feature to its fullest.


Every month, over 9 million Australians use Instagram actively with users spending an average of 32 minutes on the app each day. And analytics would tell us that the 'story' functionality has been Instagram's smartest move yet. Instagram Stories literally sucked the life out of Snapchat, by combining their visual platform with the opportunity to continue to post as frequently as the user allows without the finality of posting on their actual page. Instagram Stories take advantage of the fact that businesses have already created an enjoyable and engaging visual feed by introducing a healthy supply of Stories to watch. 

Instagram stories appear at the top of the screen when you’re on the Instagram mobile app. This is solely because they are often the first place a user will go when entering the platform, even before they begin their scroll. When on the story, the user simply needs to click on the right side of the screen to keep cycling through the story.

Instagram Stories have a shelf life of 24 hours before disappearing into the abyss. Because of their ephemeral lifecycle, Instagram Stories give you the opportunity to show a more informal side to your business - if that is your brand of course. Because Instagram Stories have so many cool tools, you can really be as creative here as possible while aligning to your brand codes at all times. 


Content which tells a story is a big deal in Marketing. Storytelling is fundamental to the human experience. It is how people have communicated, educated, shared and connected with one another since the cavemen.

Storytelling isn't just a creative approach to your Instagram Stories, it gives your audience a totally different entry and angle to your brand.

People want to be related to, they want to stand hand and hand with their favourite brands and feel that their message talks in their voice, speaks directly to them, and shares their story. When an individual finds a brand who they believe shares the same story as them - boom! Connection.

Use your Instagram Story to build that relatability. I suggest not putting up a post at a time and letting the 24 hours lapse. Instead, put together a series which creates one fluid story. Not only is this far more engaging but it gives you the opportunity to build the beginning, middle, and end. 


So, what are you going to fill your Instagram story with? I would recommend that at the beginning of every week you and your team come up with a schedule for the week ahead. You can make announcements, surveys asking for audience buy-ins, even a cheeky live video now and then. Most of all when you are thinking about the content for your Instagram everything should come back to your brand goals and your overall marketing strategy. If your goals from your Instagram is to showcase your business culture, or to try and recruit like-minded individuals, then this needs to show through your story and its message.

Remember the ultimate goal with Instagram should never be just to achieve enormous reach and have volumes of followers. You want to have the right type of followers and specifically ones that are highly engaged with your message.

The best way to learn is to grow your Instagram wings and fly. Gauge what you deem to be a successful story measured against your goals and test what brings you closer to achieving those things.


If you need any help with your Social Media Strategy, contact the friendly team at businessDEPOT Marketing.

Pia Rees-Rogers
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Pia is an inbound marketing enthusiast who is experienced in both B2B and B2C marketing.

With knowledge in brand strategy, content marketing and digital marketing. 

She has worked in a variety of different business models and industries internationally, but now applies her passion for marketing and branding to the businessDEPOT group through digital and content marketing.

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