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[ PROJECT 'it' Step 1 - What is your 'it'? ]
by John Knight Published


At businessDEPOT, we love helping the entrepreneurial spirits out there break through those barriers to success and #MAKEITHAPPEN for their business [irrespective of what the ‘it’ is]. Recently, we launched PROJECT ‘it’, an 8 step cycle all about how to make it happen within your business.

The first step in making it happen is actually identifying what your ‘it’ is. Your ‘it’ doesn’t have to be a big bold new business model or a big bold new vision. Your ‘it’ can simply be a step or a strategy that’s crucial in a path towards achieving a bigger picture vision. Some examples of what an ‘it’ may be within your business are:

  • A change
  • A strategy
  • A vision
  • A concept or idea



Take a breather before reconnecting and then reaffirming what your ‘it’ is for the coming period. Take a week off, have some relaxation time with the family or your friends before you get back to work and back to the path to what you want to achieve.


Rather than trying to say what your ‘it’ is with words, simply draw it.  Whether that be on a whiteboard, a black board or big sheets of A1 art or butchers paper, grab a pen and start drawing a big picture ofwhat you need to focus on within your business. Your drawing could be an illustration, a mind map, a timeline or even just scribbling down some buzz words which will help you work towards clearly defining what your ‘it’ is. Even get your staff, colleagues or business partners involved and start ‘brain dumping’ all different ideas of what everyone’s ‘it’ is onto a blank canvas before finally consolidating all of those different it’s into one primary ‘it’.  As they say “A picture says a thousand words”.


Consider the scenario of a magic wand. There are no barriers standing in your way, no barriers to the success your are seeking. If you were to wave your magic wand today, what would your ‘it’ be and what would your ideal business look like tomorrow. When you have this vision take a step back to discover how you would get there. Again, drawing something helps with this. Map it out by yourself or with a team and consolidate into one ‘it’.

This is only the first step in breaking through those barriers to success and making ‘it’ happen within your business. After finding your ‘it’ we’ll dive into our 7 other steps starting off with ‘Why do you want ‘it’?’. 

Over to you, once you have followed these steps and discovered what your ‘it’ is, share your comments below and tell us … What is your ‘it’? and how did you find ‘it’?

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John Knight
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John uses his business improvement and strategic planning skills to help his clients improve their position and boost their profits. John helps his broad client base with his unique business improvement services, strategic planning skills and wealth of knowledge on compliance matters.

Further to his business improvement offering, John provides company and business valuations for various purposes including company purchase/ sale, entity reorganisation and matrimonial or dispute resolution.

John is an expert in all things real estate and has built a reputation in the industry for being far more than just an accountant. He also has an in depth knowledge of the Dental sector and works closely with dentists and dental practices to streamline their accounting processes.

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