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Sunday 15

April 29

5:30 pm

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James St, Fortitude Valley

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DEPOT[x] is on again on 29th April!

Get excited everyone, because we’ve gathered three gurus from three different fields who share our spark for business, and have the insights to empower you to get out there and #makeithappen in 2015 [whatever your ‘it’ is]. DEPOT[x] is a way for us to give you access to the specialists [without a price tag] in a friendly environment that may also connect you to others in your industry, your community, or your field.

At the upcoming DEPOT[x], we’ll hear from ...

Mike Boyle | Director & Founder at Banjar Group ‘The Sales Scientist’
‘Defying Gravity in a Global Selling Revolution’

Mike’s purpose in life is to ‘create environments of potential’. There is no better setting in which to practice this mission than the world of sales. Mike Boyle brings a wide range of experiences and expertise to the field of Sales; Sales Management, Sales Training and Team Leadership. His clients and peers often refer him to, as the “Sales Scientist”. With a genuine passion for sales and an enthusiastic personality, Mike is the perfect source of inspiration for sales teams and individuals. Business leaders know to rely on him to ‘cut through the crap’ and get their sales vision in check! When it comes to sales, customers are confused. Buyers have so many avenues to purchase and transact. In all this uncertainty the smart selling organisations will thrive, but they will have to change their sales system to do it. In his insightful presentation Mike will take us through how to find the gravity points in your sales system.

Ann-Marie O’Brien | Director of O’Briens Coaching
‘Untap your inner power’

Step out of your armour and into your power! Anne-Marie O’Brien is an expert facilitator who helps people access their own inherent greatness. As a business coach, Anne-Marie is a highly effective teacher who can quickly identify her clients’ strengths and weaknesses. She has an innate ability to instantly put people at ease with her no-nonsense, fundamentally accepting nature. Almost inevitably, clients find themselves pouring their hearts out before realising they are arriving at their own conclusions. And therein lies the power of a coach like no other. Anne-Marie has facilitated the attainment of undreamt-of results for business owners, transformed wishful thinkers into fearless do-ers and, without hint of arrogance, rescued more than one person from true despair. From recruitment and selection to executive and team development, Anne-Marie will share her experience on how to untap your inner power and that of your team.

Tanya Williams | Chief of Everything & Tradigital expert of Digital Conversations
‘Tradigital is the new black’

Tanya is Chief of Everything at Digital Conversations and a Tradigital expert, creating strategy & tactics to help businesses leverage their traditional and digital marketing to get more value from your marketing budgets and attract more quality customers. She is also Vice President AIMIA QLD, Brisbane Ambassador for Woman.com, blogger for Dynamic Business Women, Author of 4 ebooks, a very active networker and does all this wearing 4 inch heels. Her mantra is never let anyone dull your sparkle. Tanya works with clients to stop them becoming digital dinosaurs and to ensure they are using the tactics to get results for their business.

Tanya will share with us some of the basic tradigital [combination of traditional & digital] tactics that many businesses miss, how to leverage your marketing messages across both traditional and digital channels and how to use tradigital marketing to make your business more visible and get more qualified leads from your existing marketing budget.

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Tys Cobb
read more by Tys Cobb

Tys is a B2B marketer, inbound marketing specialist, content marketing enthusiast, and Head of Marketing at businessDEPOT.

He has spent the last 10 years in marketing and advertising helping implement marketing initiatives for many Australian companies, most notably BOQ, Instant Scratch-Its, Microsoft, Network Ten and Ubisoft Games. Tys now specialises in Inbound Methodologies and digital marketing in the B2B space.

As Head of Marketing at businessDEPOT, Tys develops annual marketing strategies, digital & content driven experiences for the business, increasing brand awareness, lead generation & conversion and client retention and advocacy. 

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