Tick off these 6 things before selling your Rent Roll

[ Get your ducks in a row before you go to market! ]
by Alan Dawson Published

Are you thinking of selling your Agency or Rent Roll? A lot of Agents are making the call that I have affectionately labeled 'Get Me Out of Here'. 

It takes a fully planned and well-structured approach to get your Ducks in a Row to really make it happen and attain an appropriate price.

Here are 6 key points for you to consider.

Accounting Advice.

Exit strategy, what are your Capital Gains Tax implications.

Do you have a Company or Partnership that needs to be finalised.

Financial Advice.

Do you need to consult your Financier to complete you loan obligations and what impact will that have on other borrowings you may have against the Business.

Cars, Investments, personal borrowings, and does an early payout carry a financial impact for you.

Legal Advice

Choose Wisely. Select a Solicitor that has dealt with a significant number of Real Estate Agency and Rent Roll transactions.

They will also be involved with any potential finalisation of Partnerships of Company Structures.

Franchise or Co-Operative Marketing Groups.

Fully understand your obligations under any existing agreement around notice of exiting and any financial obligations should you terminate an agreement early.

Agency and Rent Roll Brokers.

Talk it over with a Broker and fully discuss the process, time lines, cost involved, and who will potentially buy it.

Do a Real Hard Soul Search.

Fully review your Business, take a look in the mirror and ask yourself would I buy it?

Look closely at all parts of the Business, the Rent Roll, Sales Agency, Plant and Equipment, Employees a lot to consider.

I trust that has been of some assistance to you and I will discuss what buyers are looking for in a business in an upcoming video.

Alan Dawson
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Alan utilises his extensive Real Estate background spanning over 37 years to offer quality industry advice around Real Estate Agency Broking.

During his career Alan has covered over 22 years in Franchising and held State Management roles with significant organisations in the industry. He is a fully licenced Real Estate Agent and Auctioneer and holds a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.

Alan provides quality executive advisory, decision support and greatly assists with managing organisational change during the Agency sale or acquisitions process.

He has a significant ability to overcome complex business challenges and make decisions using experience based judgement, strong work ethic, integrity and a people first approach. 

A solid transaction, negotiation and communication background allows Alan to work closely with you and support you during your journey ahead.

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